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Over the past fifteen months, Armenia`s external debt declined by 2.1%

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Over the past  fifteen months, Armenia's external state debt has decreased by 2.1%.  This is stated in a message posted on the page of the Armenian  government on Facebook.

According to the source, for the first time since 2015, there has  been a tendency on reduction of the volume of public debt. Over the  past almost 1.5 years, it has decreased by $ 120 million, or 2.1%.

To note, according to the RA Ministry of Finance, in the first half  of 2019, Armenia's external debt decreased by 1.4% to $ 5.5 billion  (2.6 trillion drams), while domestic debt grew by 6.3% to $ 1.5  billion (705.1 billion drams) . As a result the total national debt  increased by only 0.2%, not exceeding the level of $ 6.9 billion (3.3  trillion drams). In particular, the government's external debt  declined by 1% in the first half of 2019, to $ 4.9 billion, while the  external debt of the Central Bank of Armenia fell by 4.5% to $ 525  million.


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