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According to the results of 2018, the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments of Armenia expects an increase in economic activity at the level of 5.2-5.3%

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The total growth rate of economic activity for the 2018th year will be 5.2-5.3%. On January 17, after the government meeting, Acting Minister of Economic  Development and Investments of Armenia Tigran Khachatryan, answering  the question of ArmInfo, announced this.

According to Khachatryan, in 2018 in the industry, in terms of  growth, the influence of the processing industry prevailed. In  general, as indicated by  Acting  heads of department, approximately  the same amount will be GDP growth in January-December 2018.

To note, in the state budget of Armenia for 2018 the growth of GDP is  4.5%, in the state budget for 2019 - 4.9%. According to the RA  Statistics Committee, in January-November 2018 economic growth slowed  to 5.7% from 7.3% in the first 11 months of 2017. The growth drivers  were the service sector and the trade sector, against the background  of a more modest ascent of the construction sector, industry and the  power complex, with the continuing decline in the agricultural  sector.

December 21, 2018, answering the question of ArmInfo Armenian Acting  Finance Minister Atom Janjughazyan stated that the growth of the  Armenian economy in 2018 will be approximately 5%. Tigran Khachatryan  himself on November 23 at a press conference predicted GDP growth in  the range of 5-6%.

Meanwhile, in its November update, the CBA revised the GDP growth  range for 2018 from the previous 5.6-6.9% to the current 4.6-5.1%.  The Central Bank also revised the expected growth limit in the medium  term in the direction of slowdown: 4.4-5.5% for 2019 and 3.9-5.4% for  2020 (versus previously predicted 4.6-6.4% and 4,1-6.2%,  respectively). The World Bank improved the forecast for GDP growth in  Armenia for 2018 from the previous 4.1% to the current 5.3%. The  World Bank also improved the forecast of GDP growth in Armenia for  2019 - from the previous 4% to the current 4.3%, with an acceleration  to 4.6% in 2020. According to IMF expectations, GDP growth in Armenia  in 2018 will be lower than the previously projected 6%.


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