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Russian company is interested in the program of reforming Yerevan transport system

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Company "Russian Buses- GAZ Group" expressed its desire to participate in the implementation of the program of reforming the transport system of Yerevan, the  press service of the Yerevan Mayor's Office reports.

During the meeting with the delegation of OJSC "Russian Buses - GAZ  Group", headed by the Director of the Department of Foreign Economic  Relations Dmitry Pizhikov, First Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Hrachya  Sargsyan presented those basic requirements and approaches to be  included in the program introducing a new urban transport system.  According to him, Yerevan Municipality today received and receives  from various well-known companies proposals on the acquisition of new  buses. "According to the project of the new transport network, it is  proposed to use 845 buses in Yerevan. Now all the criteria are being  specified, according to which the necessary buses will be selected,"  Sargsyan said.

Dmitry Pyzhikov, representing the activities of the company "Russian  Buses - GAZ Group ", noted that the company produces more than 20  basic models of buses of city type. The company's buses occupy about  75% of the Russian market. The variety of models makes it possible to  take into account the nuances of operating buses in difficult  terrain. Spare parts and other parts, both Russian and foreign-made  buses allow us to provide high-quality buses. Pyzhikov also noted  that they are ready to host the Yerevan delegation in order to  familiarize the local authorities with the production process and  technical capacities of buses. In turn, the first deputy mayor of the  capital once again emphasized that the mayor's office was ready to  discuss any proposals for reform and regulation in this area that  would meet the requirements set out in the developed program.


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