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There are no subjective false administration obstacles for individuals, legal persons or sole proprietors by Armenian customs authorities in import or export of any type of goods, informed Deluty Head of SRC’s Customs Control Department Mher Martirosyan stressing that along with equal rights, citizens must observe the procedure of import and export of such goods set by Armenian international treaties, other EAEU acts and Armenian legislation. Particularly, according to Mher Martirosyan, customs declaration of goods and vehicles moved across customs border is an important component of the procedure. This includes filing documents supporting goods, vehicle or passenger declarations, and the information contained therein in cases and manner prescribed by relevant legal acts. Another component relates to applying means of tariff regulation to goods. This includes payment of customs duties, value added, excise, road and nature protection taxes, state duties and customs fees in cases, amount and procedure stipulated by relevant legal acts. “One of the main components is also the applying of bans and/or restrictions set by Armenian international treaties, other EAEU acts and/or Armenian national law to goods moved across the customs border. Particularly, in cases stipulated by relevant legal acts goods are subject to control by other public authorities. For example, phytosanitary, veterinary and food safety control is carried out by Food Security Service of Armenia’s Ministry of Agriculture, control of substances depleting ozone layer is carried out by Armenia’s Ministry of Nature Protection, control of cryptographic devices is covered by National Security Service, military goods are controlled by Ministry of Defense, etc.,” informed Mher Martirosyan.

SRC calls to follow the established procedure of movement of goods across the customs border and not to view regulations established by relevant legal acts as subjective requirements by customs authorities. If a customs servant is unfairly restricting a citizen’s rights, they should demand clarification on legal grounds, and if the former fails to present any or satisfactory clarifications, SRC’s administration should be notified immediately in writing or by calling the hot line. The committee is willing to give an immediate solution within law.



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