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New generation cash registers will issue receipts that disclose both parties of transaction

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The software solution, providing issuance of cash vouchers with an indication of taxpayer ID numbers (TIN), is available on all new generation cash registers.  This was reported by the press service of the State Revenue Committee  (SRC) of Armenia.

As the tax authority recalls, according to paragraph 4, part 3, art.  381 of the Tax Code of Armenia, when issuing a cash voucher to a  company representative, self-employed entrepreneur, a notary officer or his/her representative, the TIN of the organization, self-employed entrepreneur or a notary officer buying the goods, receiving the work and/or service should be shown on this document. "To ensure the  fulfillment of this requirement, a program change was made, as a  result, all taxpayers using cash registers of the new generation,  have a service for issuing a cash voucher indicating the TIN of the  organization, entrepreneur or the notary buying the good, work and/or service" , the statement of the SRC informs.

It is noted that on the official website of the Armenian  SRC(, in the "electronic services" section of the  tax service, in the "how to register and use the new generation cash  register" subsection "cash registers of the new generation", one  can find all the necessary materials , and a step-by-step instruction  for integrating this system.

Earlier ArmInfo had informed that back in December 2017,  when the country's financial authorities were discussing a package of tax changes, it was decided to accept a cash voucher as a justification for confirming costs, if it contains information about both sides of the deal. As a result, the State Revenue Committee was obliged before   July 1, 2018, to regulate the issue and create appropriate technical capabilities. "Unfortunately, due to subjective and objective reasons, we were not able to carry out the process until July 1,"  Ananyan said. He informed that as of July 5, the department completed a process of developing an appropriate software solution. Starting from this moment, the next generation cash registers can issue checks,   which show both sides of the transaction. But, as Ananyan explained in order to implement this process, the State Revenue Committee should come up with a legislative initiative.  Meanwhile, the    National Assembly is on vacation at the moment, and the proposal of the tax authorities will be considered at best in September this year. "I think that starting from January 1, 2019, the cash receipt,   which fully identifies both sides of the transaction, will become a   document confirming the expenses," he said. At the same time starting from January 1, 2019, old- generation cash receipts will not be valid. Thus, if everything goes according to the plan, starting from  January 1, 2019, business entities-organizations or a self- employed entrepreneur, in order to justify their expenses in the tax authority, will only have to present their individual taxpayer number (TIN) to  the cashier. The cashier finds the organization in the database and its TIN is printed on the check.



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