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Microbusiness in Armenia may be exempted from all types of taxes

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Acting Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited on October 17 a charity fair-exhibition of Syrian-Armenian works "Breath of Syrian-Armenian  Culture in Yerevan" on North Avenue. He was accompanied by Minister of Diaspora of Armenia Mkhitar Hayrapetyan.

One of the fair participants turned to Pashinyan with a request to exempt start-up entrepreneurs from taxes.  According to him, it is necessary at least at the start - during the first 2 years to release the "newcomers" from the tax burden which is very heavy for them. In response, Pashinyan stated that due to the expected reforms of the RA  Tax Code, the microbusiness will most likely be exempted from all types of taxes. As indicated by the Head of Government, if the annual turnover of the entrepreneur will be 20-24 million drams, perhaps he/she will take advantage of this reform. "Today it is discussed which industries will use these benefits, "he said. 

In the morning, a charity fair entitled" Breath of the Syrian Armenian culture in Yerevan ", dedicated to the 2,800th anniversary of the capital of Armenia, opened on Northern Avenue in the center of  Yerevan. A charity fair-exhibition of works by Syrian Armenians in the Northern Avenue was organized by the Ministry of Diaspora,  Armenia-Caritas NGO, the Armenian UN Office for Refugees, the Syrian  Armenian Problems Coordination Center, and the Yerevan Mayor's  Office.


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