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Over $ 42 million unpaid to the state budget was revealed only in the past 1.5 months in Armenia

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Within the framework of the comprehensive fight against corruption and the "shadow" economy, it was only in the last 1.5 months that it was possible to identify 20.622 billion drams or $ 42 million, which are subject to recovery and transfer to the state treasury. On July 10, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated at a government meeting.

According to him, the funds identified as of July 1 are a very substantial amount, and work in this direction must continue.  Moreover, from the above AMD 20 billion, in fact, only 800 million drams have been restored and transferred to the state budget.

In this regard, the chairman of the State Revenue Committee David Ananyan noted that this amount was identified in 73 business entities. 800 million drams have already been transferred to the budget, while another 12.7 billion drams are to be paid for the identified arrears, after which these funds will also be transferred to the state treasury. As for the remaining 7 billion drams, according to Ananyan, the research on them continues, and it is possible that as a result of the checks the amount will be increased.

In this regard, Nikol Pashinyan stressed that all hidden funds until the last louma will be returned to the state budget. De facto, the funds are identified, de jure it takes time to draw up the acts, after which the funds will be restored. The Prime Minister reminded that the government will allocate 10 billion drams or about $ 30 million to provide subsidies to the communities of the country in 2018. It is important, Nikol Pashinyan continued, that these funds be used efficiently, and the community residents feel the real return from the state money. At the same time, the prime minister urged not to be seduced by the results achieved, since the fight against corruption is a priority for the current authorities of the country. 


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