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Accounting records maintenance

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 Accounting services provided by "FinTax Accounting" include:        

1. Bookkeeping/accounting

2. Preparation and submission of the reports       

3. Accounting policy operation in respect to activity area specifications

4. The organization's protection of interests during the tax audits

5. Budget planning

FinTax accounting LLC  provides accounting services:

 1.    From his office. This is intended for companies (usually small) that have no interest in the permanent presence of an accountant. In this case, the employee of the FinTax accounting regularly visits your company, reports to the Director about the work done, discusses other important issues, collects accounting documents and informs the amount of tax and other payables to be paid in the future.

 2.    From the clients' office. In this case, our accountant always keeps track of all the current account-related transactions in that company but compiling, delivering, and most responsible other things are done in our office.



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