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The government is committed to creating a competitive andefficient, high-tech and technological agriculture

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Increase efficiency agriculture and food security introduction of modern technologies, the increase in export volumes and the growth of profits for all agricultural entities, ranging from small households to exporters, will be key areas in the policy of agricultural development in Armenia.

This is stated in the new government program,  published on the website of the Cabinet."The government considers it unacceptable that one-third of agricultural land is left without processing, therefore, it intends to develop a number of mechanisms to increase the targeted use of land resources," the source noted. Another strategic goal of the government will be to ensure the availability and expansion of irrigation systems. The program talks about the introduction of modern systems for collecting rainwater and drip irrigation, which will lead to savings in water resources. It is necessary to develop programs of state support for intensive gardens equipped with modern technologies. A major problem for the rural sector economy, according to the Cabinet, is the lack of anti-hail system. 

"The government will take possible measures to introduce the most effective anti-hail system based on new technologies," the document says. The Cabinet is committed to improving the targeting of agricultural subsidies. Steps will be taken to upgrade the machine and tractor fleet. However, it is planned to increase exports develop mechanisms to promote the export of Armenian agricultural products to new markets. To create competitive and efficient agriculture based on technology and science, the government has set itself the task of promoting the development of cooperative agriculture and approving the necessary minimum conditions for the establishment of cooperatives. At the same time, the creation of educational,  research, and industrial clusters is envisaged and to deepen cooperation between educational, scientific, research- and-production and advisory services in the field of agriculture.

 According to the program, new technologies, agri-food systems and food safety systems and agricultural insurance will be introduced. The government program also provides for the provision of an effective system for preventing the spread and elimination of pests and diseases in plants and animals, etc. It should be noted that,  according to the data of the RA Statistical Committee, in 2018 the gross product of agriculture and fisheries amounted to 926.4 billion drams, which is 7.3% less than a year ago. Only agriculture showed a  decline of 7.6% to 889.7 billion drams. 


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