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The Armenian government summed up the socio-economic results of September 2019

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The Armenian government summed up the socio-economic results of September 2019.

Thus, according to information posted on the official page of the  Government of the Republic of Armenia on the Facebook social network,  in September of this year Armenia successfully placed 10-year  Eurobonds worth $ 500 million with a yield of 4.2%, which is 2.05  percentage points lower than the first issue of Eurobonds.

Since September 1, teachers' salaries increased by 10%, state  allocations in the field of general education increased by 1 billion  666 million 675 thousand drams. On the first day of the new school  year, 18 new preschool institutions were opened in 8 regions of the  country. In September, it was decided to increase the salaries of  rescuers from October 1 this year from 85 thousand drams to 130  thousand drams on average.  The nominal salary of foresters of  Armforest SNCO will also increase by 20%.  Within a month, the  Cabinet of Ministers approved the applications of three companies for  the provision of tax exemptions in the form of exemption from import  customs duties, the total amount of planned investments will be 4.8  billion drams. As part of the companies investment programs, 49 jobs  will be created. A company was exempted from VAT, the investment  project of which is estimated at 124 billion drams, 106 jobs will be  created. Over 137 IT companies also received tax benefits, as a  result of which 588 jobs will be created. On more than 50 km of  roads, road construction work continues today.

On September 24, large-scale military exercises started, which will  last until October 5. The number of military units that switched to  the new power supply system has reached 18.  By the decision of the  Council on improving the demographic situation, from 2020 the amount  of the lump sum allowance for the birth of the first child will be  increased six-fold from 50 thousand drams to 300 thousand drams. The  size of the one-time allowance for the birth of a second child will  be doubled - from 150 thousand drams to 300 thousand drams. The  monthly allowance for working mothers will be increased by about 41%  - from 18 thousand drams to 25 thousand drams. A new type of  childcare allowance will be introduced in rural areas: until the  child is two years old, mothers will be paid 25.5 thousand drams a  month.  From September 1, 2019, citizens of the country will be able  to apply to the nearby territorial office of the registry office to  receive the appropriate services.

It was also decided that from October 1, 2019, the procedures for  providing medical care to children under the state order will be  simplified in Armenia. As a result, it will no longer be necessary to  submit to the medical institution the "State Certificate of Child  Health". 


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