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PM attends grand opening of new sewing plant in Armenian village

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Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan attended the grand opening of a sewing plant in the village of Agarak, Aragatsotn province.

The opening took place as part of celebrations of the village’s 10th anniversary of rebirth.

Pashinyan was welcomed by locals in a festive mood.

Heritage Party leader Raffi Hovhannisyan was also in attendance.

“I hope that this plant will develop and will start exporting and that new jobs will be opened. The bigger the plant’s profit, the bigger benefit will the community have, the locals, as well as the state,” the PM told reporters.

The plant currently employs 18 people. But a new building of the facility is expected to have around 100 new jobs.

Russian astronaut, former ISS commander Anton Shkaplerov also attended the event. The astronaut has arrived at the invitation of philanthropist Hrachya Poghosyan. Shkaplerov has delivered an Armenian flag which was taken to the International Space Station for nearly 200 days.


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