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Armenia’s economy showed activeness in March 2021

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Armenia’s economic activity index declined by 2% in January – March 2021 compared to January-March 2020, however, in March this year the economic activity registered 9.6% growth compared to February, the Statistical Committee reported.

Industrial production volume declined by 3.9% in January-March, however on March 9.1% growth was registered in comparison to February. Agricultural gross output volume declined by 1% in January-March compared to the same period of 2020.

Construction volume increased by 23.5% in March compared to February. Decline by 5.6% was registered in trade turnover in January-March, and the volume of services provided has declined by 8.1%. Whereas the figures of March increased by 9.5% compared to February.

Consumer price index increased 5.2% in January-March 2021, that of industrial production prices – by 7.1%. Electricity production volume increased by 1.4%.

4.4% decline was recorded in external trade turnover volumes in January-March 2021 compared to January-March 2020, meanwhile in March 12.8% growth was registered compared to February.

Export from Armenia increased by 11.6%, whereas in January-March it increased by 3.4% compared to January-March 2020. Import to Armenia increased by 13.5% in March compared to February, whereas in January-March 2021 it declined by 8.7% compared to the same period of 2020.


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