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EU announced open call for applications to support green and organic agribusiness in Armenia

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In order to promote  sustainable, innovative and market- oriented agribusiness in Armenia,  the EU Green Agriculture Initiative in Armenia (EU-GAIA) has  announced an open call for applications to support green and organic  projects.  According to the EU press service, the EU-GAIA project is  funded by the European Union and co-financed and implemented by the  Austrian Development Agency (ADA) in cooperation with the United  Nations Development Programme in Armenia. The project's Government  counterpart in Armenia is the Ministry of Economy. 

According to the source: "In partnership with the Ministry of  Economy, we are glad to launch this new call for proposals aiming to  make food systems fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly in  Armenia, which is very much in line with the European Green Deal. We  believe that farmers, small agribusiness producers will play a  critical role in the COVID-19 recovery in the regions and overall  transition towards more sustainable, competitive and resilient  agriculture. The total size of this Agribusiness Support Programme  within the EU-GAIA project is EUR 2,470,000 million", - as announced  by EU Ambassador to Armenia Andrea Wiktorin.

In particular, in terms of green agriculture, we are talking about  fruits, berries and vegetables (applications for participation can be  submitted at the following link:, as  well as grain crops, herbs and sheep breeding (for applications -

At the same time, projects on organic agribusiness have no restrictions from the point of view of cultures and the region. To participate in  the competition in this area, go to the following link:

It was noted that, the support for small scale agribusinesses will be  provided through agricultural production machinery and equipment,  post-harvest and processing equipment and some infrastructural  inputs. Successful applicants will also be involved in the capacity  building and marketing initiatives of the EU-GAIA project, ensuring  their green/organic business projects to have a successful start and  progress.  Only fixed assets will be provided, not monetary grants.  


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