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In Armenia, a sharp jump in electricity consumption led to an increase in accidents in distribution networks by 30-35%

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As a result of the unusually hot weather recorded in July this year, the volume of electricity consumption in Armenia increased sharply compared to the previous years. At the moment, the volume of consumption is about  1000 MW compared to 700 MW for the last year, the press service of  CJSC "Electric Networks of Armenia" reported.

According to the source, a sharp increase in consumption led to an increase in accident rate by 30-35% in distribution networks. The accidents mainly affected the power supply modes in the Arabkir and  Kentron administrative districts of the city of Yerevan, which is caused by the more worn out nature of the cable lines and the population density. As of today, all technical staff of the company  "Electric Networks of Armenia" - 10 repair brigades and electrical laboratory of cable lines are involved in the work aimed at eliminating accidents. Work is carried out around the clock.  According to the rules for supply and consumption of electricity  (SSPE), in the event of exceeding the deadlines set for the restoration of unplanned outages, the company reimburses its subscribers.

Investment programs Companies that are unprecedented in their volumes are aimed at avoiding such situations. An investment program worth $  900 million has been approved, which is planned to be implemented until 2028. The main goal of the program is to improve the quality of  electricity distribution, which is the main function of the company.  The project includes both reducing the number of outages and the duration of one shutdown, improving the quality and reliability of electricity supply. "JSC Electric Networks of Armenia" again apologizes for the inconvenience caused to its subscribers, " the press service of JSC said.

To note, in addition to technical problems, the company also faced financial difficulties. So, a sharp increase in consumption occurred during the period when the reactor of the second power unit of the  Armenian nuclear power plant, which produces the cheapest electricity, is on scheduled preventive maintenance. The reactor was restarted from August 1 of this year, but before that, the electricity networks had to purchase more expensive electricity from generation facilities.

JHSC Electric Networks of Armenia was established in May 2002 as a  result of the merger of four state regional electricity distribution and distribution companies: Yerevan Electric Networks, Northern  Electric Networks, Southern Electric Networks and Central Electric  Networks. The main activity of the company is the regulated distribution and sale of electricity. The total length of the networks is 36 thousand km. The company serves about 985 000  consumers. CJSC "Electric Networks of Armenia" has an exclusive license for transmission and distribution of electricity in the territory of the Republic of Armenia at guaranteed tariffs,  calculated on the basis of company costs and a regulated rate of return on investment.


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