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Armenia joins Georgia`s top five exporting countries

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Armenia entered the top five exporting countries of Georgia, according to the data of Georgian Statistical Service.

Thus, according to Georgia-online, in January-July 2019 goods  exported from Georgia to CIS countries amounted to 1 105.8 million US  dollars, which is 26.6% more than in the same period last year, and  accounts for 52.6 percent of the country's total exports. According  to data for seven months, goods worth $ 503.5 million were exported  to the EU countries, which is 20.6 percent more than the same period  last year, and makes up 24.0% of the country's total exports.

In January-July, the largest volume of exports was carried out to  Russia in the amount of $ 303 million.  This is 26% more than the  same period last year. The five exporting countries include  Azerbaijan, Armenia, 

Bulgaria and Ukraine.As for imports, products imported from the CIS  countries amounted to $ 1,303.1 million (14.3 percent less), which is  26.3 percent of total imports. The volume of imports from the EU  amounted to $ 1,280.2 million (12.6 percent less) and amounted to  25.8% of total imports. The largest volumes of products were imported  from Turkey, China, Russia, Azerbaijan and Germany. 


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