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Persistent culture of tax evasion is formed in the cultural sphere of Armenia

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Economic miracle Singapore is not applicable to Armenia, said the head of the State Revenue Committee (SRC) of Armenia David Ananyan on August 10 at a  meeting with journalists.

Earlier, a delegation of the Armenian KGB in the framework of forthcoming tax The changes went to Singapore to study the  "Singapore-based phenomenon" and its possible application in Armenia.

Currently, according to David Ananyan, the Armenian government is working on tax reform and is ready to discuss all the proposed options. As Ananyan noted, they should be divided into three groups:  short-term (through direct taxes - reduction of the tax burden on  income and income tax) that are subject to immediate discussion and  submission to Parliament's approval in order to ensure their entry  into force from the beginning of the next year Medium-term  transformations, anticipating the reduction of alternative systems of  nailing from 5 to 3. They, in spite of the fact that today they can become the subject of discussion, will be presented to the legislative body only in the fall of the 2019 year. And the third group is long-term changes, such as the widespread declaration of incomes and property of the entire population of the country, which are considered deeper, and their discussion is much longer. As a whole,  as David Ananyan indicated, next year the activities of the financial authorities of the country on the basis of tax legislation reforms will be aimed at simplifying the RA Tax Code.  At the same time, as the head of the Armenian tax and customs authority noted, the  Armenian government, represented by the leadership of the KGB,  attempted to study the "Singapore miracle" on the spot in search of the "best" tax system and best practices last week. "If today someone will ask if it's possible to apply this practice to the Armenian tax system, then I will answer one-half - no," he said.

The problem, as stated by the head of the SRC of RA, is, first of all, in the absence of the readiness of the population to pay taxes.  "The citizen's credo of Singapore consists in the following: "Our people, our taxes".  Until we privatize this approach, we will not be able to orientate their methodology, " he said. In addition,  according to him, the ratio of the Singapore taxpayer to the process  is diametrically different "His ideology consists of the following:"  That is, paying taxes, on the one hand, is a manifestation of patriotism, "the country's chief taxman said, expressing regret that there is a completely different motto in Armenia, which states that all taxpayers are trying to evade taxes. This, as Ananyan emphasized, is a consequence of the complete lack of a corresponding culture. "We got it into the inheritance from the Soviet  Union - to deceive the state - worthy of respect," he said.

Today, one of the areas where the culture of tax evasion has been formed "perfectly", as the head of the KGB said, is the sphere of culture. "For example, we have our favorite singers and singers, they  write and perform patriotic songs, but so far none of them have  submitted a declaration on annual income," said the chairman of the  KGB, stressing that this imperative is already operating for about 25  years It turned out from the figures of culture that only the  composer Tigran Mansoryan presented the corresponding declaration.  David Ananyan will address the issue at the end of September in the hope that he will then be able to share "good news". 


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