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A number of Armenian communities will receive subventions amounting to 279 million drams

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The communities of Gegharkunik, Lori, Kotayk, Shirak, Tavush, Armavir and Vayots Dzor regions of Armenia will receive 279 million drams in the form of subventions. The decision on this was taken at a government meeting on July 26.

Presenting the draft decision, Minister of Territorial Administration and Development of the Republic of Armenia Suren Papikyan stressed that a number of communities of the above-mentioned regions have started implementing development programs and now there is a need for their co-financing from the state budget. The minister stressed that the total cost of all programs is 881 million drams, however, as a  result of the tenders held, this amount was reduced to 666 million drams. Thus, the share of co-financing of the government of the country in the implementation of community programs is 279 million drams. Suren Papikyan reminded that when implementing infrastructure projects, the share of co-financing from the state budget is up to  60%, and by social programs - up to 40%. Currently, proposals are being studied for some programs, but their cost will not exceed 2.5  billion drams. In this regard, the minister suggested transferring 10  billion drams for community development programs for the year 2019.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan pointed to the low activity of the communities when submitting applications for public funds. In fact,  he continued, only AMD 200-300mln is used out of AMD 10bln.  In some cases, such a low figure is due to the lack of funds in the budgets of the communities. However, as the head of the Armenian government emphasized, the disclosed crimes testify to the inefficient use of available funds. "When the head of the community appoints his close relatives to high positions and who, in fact, do not work, means not the lack of funds, but their criminal dispersion," Nikol Pashinyan said, adding that there are serious risks in this area. He pointed out the importance of reviewing the entire procedure of public procurement. "The concept of" tender "in the understanding of the previous authorities should be reviewed so that state funds are used as efficiently as possible," the head of government stressed.


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