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Tax liabilities of taxpayers arise on the basis of tax calculations

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The SRC informs that starting from January 1 2018, the payments made by the taxpayers are considered to be state budget tax revenues as a result of accrual from the single account in accordance with the tax liabilities arising from tax calculations submitted by them to the tax authority. It follows that payments made to the single account by taxpayers are not yet the state budget revenues.

Tax liabilities of taxpayers arise by the tax calculations submitted by the latter to the tax authority in accordance with the procedure and terms established by the RA Tax Code. It is clear from the aforementioned that the main reason for the amount of money in the uniform account is that of individual taxpayers, who at the same time are tax agents and according to which the taxpayer is obliged to keep taxable income (in the allocation or provision of income) (charge) and pay to the RA state budget are payments made earlier than the deadline for payment of tax liabilities defined by the same Code. These amounts are deposited and retained in a single account before the deadline set out in the Tax Code. It is also worth mentioning that taxpayers can freely dispose of the amounts available on the uniform account by their expediency.

As for the overpayment dynamics, we are reporting that since June 2018, there is a tendency to decline continuously.


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