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Agricultural Ministryof Armenia considers possibility of assuming role of a link between farmers and restaurants

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The Armenian Ministry of Agriculture is considering taking the role of a link between farmers / cooperatives and restaurants. Answering the question of  ArmInfo, the Acting Minister of Agriculture Gegham Gevorgyan  said on  the margins of the first meeting of the founders of the Armenian  Restaurants Assotiation - ARA. 

<With our assistance, agricultural cooperatives were created, which  we can assist in ensuring their connection with restaurants. However,  one should not interfere much in the business, since they work better  with each other, "he stressed.

According to G. Gevorgyan, providing such a link would be a serious  incentive both for increasing domestic production of agricultural  products and for selling them to the final consumer at a normal  price.  He stressed that agricultural products come through several  intermediaries to the final consumer, which leads to an increase in  value. In this vein, he cited the example of the Yeremyan Projects,  which buys products directly from farmers. "I believe this is a  serious component of social corporate responsibility," he noted.

To note, the Armenian Restaurant Association (ARA), established in  2018, is a platform that unites representatives of the country's  restaurant business. As part of its activities, ARA intends to  protect the rights of restaurateurs, raise current issues, explore  international trends in the development of the sector, promote  cooperation with international partners, ensure participation in  events (including exchange of experience). 


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