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Ministry of Agriculture offers two state support formats for intensive gardening

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The Ministry of Agriculture of Armenia proposes to take advantage of the interest rate subsidy program for crediting the bookmark of intensive fruit  orchards, which provides two options for assistance.

As noted in the official statement of the agricultural department,  the first format offers farmers to take advantage of the program of  subsidizing interest rates of agricultural loans, which will be  available at 2%, and for business entities from border settlements  and cooperatives that plan to have intensive gardens with an area of  3 hectares at a zero interest rate. The loan repayment period is 8  years with a grace period of 5 years. Credits are granted for grape  and orchards ranging from 0.5 hectares to 10 hectares, and from 0.5  hectares to 3 hectares - for fruit and berry.  When choosing the  second format of support, the state assumes 40% of the cost of  building gardens by farmers from border regions, and for  cooperatives, whose gardens will have an area of 3 hectares, this  figure will be 50%. Monetary compensation will be provided for the  construction of vineyards ranging from 0.5 hectares to 10 hectares,  and for fruit and fruit berries - from 0.5 hectares to 3 hectares.  


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