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EU to implement tourism promotion programs for € 13 million in three northern regions of Armenia

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The EU program, with a  budget of 13 million euros aimed at the development of tourism in the  three northern regions of the republic - Shirak, Lori and Tavush, was  approved by the Armenian government and may be launched in  October-November 2019. The head of the EU delegation in Armenia,  Ambassador Piotr Switalski, stated this on June 16 in an interview  with journalists in Ashotsk.

According to Switalski, the EU has already begun negotiations with  the governor of Shirak regarding the efficient use of these funds.  "Half a million euro is envisaged for the center of winter sports,  and I hope that this center will be located in this region - in the  north of Shirak, and will strengthen Ashotsk's role in the  development of winter sports in Armenia," the diplomat said.

In addition, small businesses will also be given the opportunity to  benefit from the program. They may apply for small grants to  stimulate tourism. "Of course, it will take several years for the  results to become obvious. But we have to be patient. We hope that we  will soon sign an agreement with our partner organization, the German  Development Agency. I really hope that the main work will begin in  the autumn," Ambassador Switalski stressed .

The diplomat noted that at present the European Union is also  discussing with the Armenian government a community support program  called "Leader". Piotr Switalski did not reveal the details of this  project, as it is at the stage of discussion with the Armenian  government. However, he noted a desire to send funds directly to  local communities, villages and cities. "From the first day of my  stay in Armenia, this became a priority for me - to focus on the  implementation of projects outside of Yerevan, in the provinces and  local communities. I did everything in my power, and I hope that this  program will be successfully implemented," the Ambassador assured.


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