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EU proposed new government of Armenia to revise budget assistance programs

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The head of the EU delegation in Armenia Piotr Switalski expressed satisfaction with the level of cooperation with the new government of Armenia.  Thus,  during a press tour to Akhavnadzor, the diplomat stated that the  Armenian government on the issue of cooperation with the EU  demonstrates flexibility and pragmatism.

At the same time, the Ambassador informed that the EU proposed to the  Government of Armenia, after internal political changes, to reconsider all the previously discussed programs. "We understand that the new government was extremely busy in the summer. However, I can say that the action plan for 2018 mainly reflects the work we did earlier. The new team proposed some changes that were acceptable to us," the diplomat said, adding that the action plan for 2019 is already being discussed.

At the same time, Switalski believes that the current government of  Armenia outlined rather broad boundaries of the priorities of action. "The European Union has proposed the government to revise the budget assistance programs. This is unprecedented since we usually do not resort to such actions under new governments," he said.

According to Switalski, this step is due to the fact that the EU  understands that changes have taken place, the Armenian government has provided new documents on the development of various areas.  According to him,  the European Union is satisfied with these documents, and their first impressions are positive, they are acceptable to the EU. The Ambassador also expressed the hope that successful steps are being taken for cooperation.  To note since  2014, the European Union has provided Armenia with financial assistance in the amount of about 120 million euros. The focus was put on economic development, innovation, and personal development,  strengthening the rule of law and developing the business environment. The EU also assisted in the field of elections and the development of international relations. Armenia also received funding to participate in multilateral projects. The development of transport infrastructure and an energy efficiency improvement program was carried out within the framework of the Neighborhood Investment Fund.   Further support of the EU is aimed at achieving concrete assistance to citizens of the country in such areas as legal reform, access to financial and economic development, development of relations,  education and mobility.


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