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Ministry of Economy plans to double the share of SMEs in the structure of GDP

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Ministry of Economy of Armenia plans to double the share of SMEs in the structure of GDP - from the existing 27% to bring it up to 55%. Armenian Minister of  Economy Vahan Kerobyan told about this in an interview with the First  TV channel.

In particular, in order to achieve such indicators, the government,  according to the minister, plans to implement sub-investment programs  in rural areas of Armenia, through which it will try to form and  participate in the creation of SMEs by capital. That is, the creation  of jobs, but not related to agriculture, is envisaged in the  villages. In this regard, Kerobyan noted that the increase in the  share of SMEs will become a good basis for the creation of large  enterprises in the future.

Speaking about agriculture, the minister stressed that there is still  early to talk about high productivity in the agricultural sector. He  noted that water and land reforms will be implemented to increase  productivity.  "We plan to provide farmers with the tools to ensure a  prosperous life, not save them from poverty," he said.


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