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Everything you need to know when importing a car from a non-member country EAEU

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Everything you need  to know for an individual - an importer of a car who plans to import  a vehicle from a country that is not a member of the EAEU. The State  Revenue Committee, as promised, not only tells, but also shows.

Recall, when joining the EAEU, Armenia received a transition period  for customs duties, including for cars. From 2015 to 2020, the  customs duty on cars in Armenia remained at the level of 10%,  regardless of the age and volume of the engine. Starting next year,  Armenia will switch to the duties of the EAEU.

In particular, according to the State Customs Committee, starting  from 2020, when importing cars from third countries, the customs duty  and taxes will be calculated at a single customs rate as the sum of  the customs duty and VAT without crushing them.

The calculation will be made based on the year of manufacture of the  car, engine size and cost of the car. But regardless of the common  customs rate, the Eurasian legislator did not refuse from  environmental payments for the import of cars, which will be  calculated on the basis of the Tax Code of the Republic of Armenia.

Under new conditions, when importing new cars (production up to 3  years), the amount of customs clearance will be calculated at the ad  valorem (value) rate, but no less than the amount per cubic cm of the  engine and the established rate.  So, if the cost of the car does not  exceed 8500 euros, for example - 7800 euros, and a flat rate is set  for the car in the amount of 54% of the cost, then the single rate  will be calculated according to the following formula - Single rate  (EU) = 7800euro x 54% = 4212euro  Again, as the QGD emphasizes, the single  rate should not be less 2.5 euros per cubic cm of motor. In this  case, if the engine capacity is 2500 cc, the calculation will be done  according to the scheme - 2500 cm3 x 2.5euro = 6250 euro. And at a car  price of 7800 euros, with an engine of 1600 cc, customs clearance  will cost as follows - EU = 7800euro x 54% = 4212 euros, but not less  than 1600 cm3 x 2.5euro = 4000 euros and the amount of 4212 euros will  be presented for payment. At the same time, as the legislator points  out, the cost of a car is declared in the passenger customs  declaration. If there is no justification for the cost of the machine  in the submitted documents, the price of the goods will be  established by the customs authority within the framework of the EAEU  TC.

And if you try to bring a car older than three years old, a single  rate will be calculated as follows - as the product of a specific  rate and engine capacity. For example, when importing a car over 5  years old with a 1600 cc engine, the flat rate will be calculated as  follows: EU = 1600 cm3 x 3.5euro = 5 600 euro. Plus, it will be  necessary to pay an environmental tax, depending on the year of  manufacture of the car (you will have to pay more for an older car).  


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