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American Chamber of Commerce interested in activating Armenian-American business contacts

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The American Chamber of Commerce of Armenia (AmCham) is interested in activating the Armenian-American business relations. Karine Sarkisian,  Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia,  stated this during a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of  Economy, the State Revenue Committee and the business community of  Armenia.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Economy, Karine  Sarkissian said that in the near future it is planned to hold a forum  on franchising, work and organize events to develop the  Armenian-American cooperation within the framework of TIFA (Trade and  Investment Framework Agreement).  During a substantive and fruitful  discussion, representatives of the business community presented in  detail their problems and obstacles in the course of their  activities, tried to jointly find ways to eliminate them and propose  possible solutions.

Entrepreneurs mainly highlighted technical, logistic, documentary  issues, in particular, those related to the export of meat,  transportation of goods, the rise in prices for the transportation of  goods, parcels and mail, the lack of REF containers when exporting  wine, the certification process, protection of intellectual property,  lack of information on US import procedures, and a number of other  issues.  As a result, an agreement was reached to hold such meetings  on a regular basis, if necessary, create working groups, organize  separate industry meetings with the participation of representatives  of ministries and the American Chamber of Commerce.

To note, according to the Statistical Committee of the Republic of  Armenia, in 2020 the foreign trade turnover between Armenia and the  United States decreased by 54.5%, amounting to only $ 152 million. At  the same time, exports showed an increase of 25.9% to $ 67.8 million,  with a decrease in imports by 70% up to $ 84.2 million.


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