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The financial G20 named the risks for the world economy

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The G-20 believes that the current short-term and medium-term risks of the global economy are currently growing financial vulnerability, growing tensions in trade and geopolitics, as well as inequality and weak structural growth, the G20 finance ministers and heads of central banks in Buenos Aires.

The global economy continues to grow, but developing countries are struggling with the volatility of markets and the outflow of capital, the finance ministers and central bankers of the G20 said. At the same time, global economic growth continues to be sustainable, unemployment levels are now the lowest in ten years, the document says. Nevertheless, in recent years, growth has been less synchronized, noted the ministers and regulators.

The parties intend to "continue monitoring risks," trying to mitigate them and "taking action if these risks materialize." Many emerging economies are now "better prepared for changing external conditions, but they are still facing risks of volatility in markets and capital outflows,".


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