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In the near future, a new domestic one will appear on the Armenian air transportation market Airline


In the near future, a new domestic airline will appear on the Armenian air  transportation market. On December 3, Tatevik Revazyan, Chairman of  the Civil Aviation Committee of the Republic of Armenia, informed the  RA National Assembly about this. According to her, the airline submitted an application for its  registration with the RA Civil Aviation Committee. According to the  airline's business plan, flights...

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Armenian National Assembly Commission Approved Bill on Catering Facilities in Regions


The NA Standing Committee on Economic Affairs in the second reading approved the draft law submitted by the Enlightened Armenia faction, which is proposed to consider as objects of microenterprises not exceeding the threshold of 24 million drams of turnover in public catering in the regions, and provide them with the opportunity to use the stipulated tax...

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Armenian parliamentary committee approves ratifying visa-free agreement with China


The Armenian parliamentary standing committee on foreign affairs approved the issue on ratifying the agreement on abolishing the visa regime between Armenia and China. According to the agreement the two countries establish a visa-free regime by which the citizens of Armenia and China will be exempt from visas for up to 90 days within 180...

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Parliament approves 23,6% raise of minimum wage


100 Members of Parliament voted in favor of a bill on raising the monthly minimum wage from 55,000 drams to 68,000 drams in Armenia. The bill was authored by ruling My Step bloc MPs Varazdat Karapetyan, Babken Tunyan and Narek Zeynalyan. Initially the MPs had proposed to raise the minimum wage to 63000, but subsequent discussions in the Cabinet led to the government suggesting a higher increase – 68000. The move will raise the salaries...

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